Early Soundplay Bundle: Set 4

The Early Soundplay Bundle now comes with a Top Tips leaflet to get you off to a great start with this fabulous bundle of clickety books, puppets and audio. The bundle provides you with a range of opportunities to enjoy this set of Early Soundplay stories over and over again!

You can bring the stories alive with the puppets and children love being able to retell the stories with them. They also enjoy, and benefit from, hearing Sophie Thompson's warm and engaging interpretation.

The clickety books bundle includes:

  • Sally the Sea Lion: Look! Sally the Sea Lion is playing hide and seek on the beach with her best friend Ryan. Sally can't see Ryan anywhere. Can you see him?
  • Tess and Bess in the Snow: Join Tess and Bess as they squeak and squeal having lots of fun in the snow! They go skating and sledging, snowballing and make a big snow-mouse.
  • Clarabelle’s Scarf: It's cold on the cliffs, Clarabelle the calf has lost her scarf. She shivers and sniffs then giggles and laughs when she sees who's taken her scarf.
  • 6 key characters: 4 finger puppets (2 mice, snail, calf) and 2 soft toys (sea lion and flamingo)
  • 3 Story specific laminated Top Tips sheets
  • Supplied in 1 colourful cotton drawstring bag

The enhanced bundle includes

  • Additional mouse finger puppet for Tess and Bess; sea lion soft toy for Sally and 7 finger puppets (2 foxes, 2 sheep, 3 chicks) and 2 puffin soft toys bring the animals Clarabelle meets, as she hunts for her scarf, to life.
  • Supplied in 3 colourful cotton drawstring bags

Written by a speech and language therapist each story is packed with multiple repetitions of selected sounds and rhymes. The stories are expertly crafted to support children's developing speech. They help with sound awareness and vocabulary knowledge. These are key foundation skills for success with phonics, early reading and spelling.

The simple, interactive storylines make it easy for children to anticipate what happens next. They can then join in when they hear the stories again. This provides lots of opportunities for them to both hear and practise saying words.

Children love repetition! It helps them build their knowledge and understanding of word meanings and story structure.

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