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Super Safe Double Sided Coloured Mirrors

Super Safe Double Sided rounded cornered mirrors in assorted colours.
Exciting coloured mirrors to provide sensory experiences or use for Art and Craft.
Stunning effects can be achieved with glass paint. 

Rounded edges for added safety.
Manufactured from 1mm plastic laminated with a mirror finish film.

Measures 140 x 100 mm

Uses Include:

  • Science experiments with light
  • Maths shape and symmetry work
  • Creative art and craft projects
These round cornered mirrors can be cut, bent and punched

Instructions for removing Premask film
Peel back Premask film from one edge by locating thumb near one corner and rubbing edge of film towards centre of mirror. If film does not release easily, try same action on perpendicular edge of same corner.
Once Premask film has been peeled back, peel gently away from mirror surface.

IMPORTANT:  Do not use fingernail to pick at or dig under film as this risks removing the mirror surface.

Recommended Age 3+